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  • Jae-Gil Lee

AAAI 2022 Paper Accept

Two papers got accepted at AAAI 2022, which is one of the top conferences in artificial intelligence. This year, AAAI was more competitive, yielding the acceptance rate of 15%. #paper

  • Minseok Kim, Hwanjun Song, Yooju Shin, Dongmin Park, Kijung Shin, and Jae-Gil Lee, "Meta-Learning for Online Update of Recommender Systems," AAAI 2022.

  • Doyoung Kim, Hyangsuk Min, Youngeun Nam, Hwanjun Song, Susik Yoon, Minseok Kim, and Jae-Gil Lee, "COVID-EENet: Predicting Fine-Grained Impact of COVID-19 on Local Economies," AAAI 2022.

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