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  • Jae-Gil Lee

KDD 2021 Tutorial

Prof. Lee's tutorial proposal (jointly with Yuji Roh, Dr. Hwanjun Song, and Prof. Steven Whang) at KDD 2021 on "Machine Learning Robustness, Fairness, and their Convergence" got accepted. #education

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The paper entitled "Context Consistency Regularization for Label Sparsity in Time Series" coauthored by Yooju Shin, Susik Yoon, Hwanjun Song, Dongmin Park, Byunghyun Kim, Jae-Gil Lee, and Byung Suk Le

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Dr. Susik Yoon, Youngjun Lee, and Prof. Lee's paper got accepted at KDD 2022, which is one of the top conferences in data mining. #paper

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